Dsc_0123If you were wearing white shoes and a white belt, my father said you were "full Cleveland."

This was because he admired the sophistication of Clevelanders. In their white shoes and white belts. Mmmm, hmmm.

(If you were wearing white shoes or a white belt, that was "half Cleveland." Still pretty highfalutin for those of us in the backwaters of Columbus.)  

Now: Full Artie
A friend recently said that he wanted to go "full Artie." He wanted to do what I'm doing.

It was odd to hear this from this fellow. He's taller, better looking, smarter, better read, younger, richer, and more sophisticated. (He's full "New Haven.")

For him to come my way, he'd need to walk backwards.

What Am I Doing?
Still, it got me to thinking: what am I doing? What would be Full Artie?

Good news: belt and shoes can be any color. 

Enough about Full Artie. What's Full [You]?