Amid the madness of the world, love continues.

Sunday's New York Times brought "To Fall in Love With Anyone," an essay by Mandy Len Catron in the reader-submitted MODERN LOVE column. (Link:

Two strangers are research subjects, introduced in a laboratory, given 36 questions to answer for each other, and observed by researchers. They fall in love. They marry.

They marry? My spine tingles every time I describe this. (I'm a big believer in marriage. With the right person, it rises above the popular media's depiction.)

When you read the questions (they are linked to the article), you will see how they work.

How They Work
The questions establish engagement — and then amplify vulnerability.

This contradicts everything that Alpha Males like me have been taught. (I'm kidding about being an Alpha. But I'm not kidding about what I was taught. See my most recent post, "Mother Nature's Radar," which is receiving more attention from readers than most posts.)

We've been taught that strength is a winning trait.

But we weren't taught that strength is the ability to identify, understand, and disclose one's own vulnerabilities. 

Is your weakness your greatest strength? More on that, soon.