I'm delighted to be returning to The Ohio State University to co-teach a class on Personal Creativity & Innovation. My co-teacher is Ida Abdalkhani, who is the primary mover behind re-establishing this class at Fisher College of Business. Yay, Ida! 
We open the class again next week. The roster looks promising. It's going to be fun and a lot of learning for all of us, including (I very much hope) Ida and me. 
i just sent this message to the students who are registered. Perhaps you might like these "not assignments," too.
The blessing at the end of the message goes for you, too!

Happy New Year!
If you have the time, energy, and interest, here are some ways to explore creativity before we start. These are not assignments. These are enticements. Do what you want. You are on vacation!
Here are some ideas:
And from Ida and me:
May 2016 be a wonderful year of enlightenment and growth for all of us. I wish you adventure, safety, health, laughter and a sense of completeness.