I am heartbroken to learn who among those I know have voted for Donald Trump. 

And I am sad to learn who among those I know aren't voting at all.

What Do I Think?
Since I turned 18 in 1978, I've always wished for better candidates. I've often voted for the lesser of two fears.

This isn't an election like those. I could have lived with my voting for any of the major candidates during my lifetime. Not today. This election is different.

Frankly, I would like to hide my vote — like so many do. They don't put signs in their yard. They don't announce their decision. (When they are fearful of losing their jobs for declaring their politics, I can understand that.) 

Net Cotton Content is my ethical will.
I cannot live today and not reveal my intention. I want my loved ones, my associates, my peers, my descendants to know my decision.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton — for her qualities and experience.

And I am resolutely discouraging a vote for Donald Trump. 

I'm not going to write why. I'm not going to try to convince you. If you have asked me, I told you. But today, I am too weary. Too heartbroken. Too scared.

Let's Hear From Two Angel Investors.
Some businesspeople have said they are voting for Trump because of his promise to reduce regulation. Or his unsubstantiated (still no tax returns?) claims as an entrepreneur. Or because his incitements to violence — grinning that the mob might take up arms against the outcome of an election — are simply a form of negotiation. 

And they wonder, genuinely, why I would vote for Hillary Clinton. They think I have been duped. The feeling is mutual. 

I'm going to turn the argument over to Brad Feld and Mark Suster.

A good friend, who is a renowned angel investor, wrote me today: "Arguably the two leading bloggers read by America's angel community are Brad Feld and Mark Suster." And he linked his message to the following two posts. 

Here, both Feld and Suster offer their summary arguments before election day:

Don't stand by. Don't simply watch. And don't vote for Donald Trump.