Juggling-balls-stage-mmx-dx-shopFor years, I've assigned my Personal Creativity and Innovation students at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business the large job of planning their own creative development.

Because, after we graduate, we still remain students. In fact, we also become our own teachers. Otherwise, we just become mushrooms. 

The assignment is significant. It requires the development of a five-year curriculum for self-study.

This plan defines one's aspirational creative legacy and what must be done during the next five years — who should I meet? where should I go? what should I read? what should I learn? — to help make this legacy a reality.

But, For You, The Quick Course
Do you want a shorter version of this painstaking work? O.K. 

I'm glad to offer a two-page worksheet called Carry Forth! Personal Creative Development Plan. I'll be formally presenting it this Thursday at the Columbus Museum of Art at Creativity In Your Life.

(If the session is recorded, I'll post it here.)

You can find your own copy of Carry Forth! here.

What is this "here" of which I write?
During the past couple weeks, I've written a site — with the good professional advice of Rob Emrich and Jason Janoski — that describes what I do for a living. (It is now the landing page at artieisaac.com.)

Putting this new site together forced me to narrow my declared occupations.

For the past two years, I've been juggling lots of balls.

Over time, some of them have gotten heavier, some have taken on a golden hue.

I've had to put a few balls down. (For example: marketing strategy, which I love and do pretty darned well, is conspicuously missing from the new website, even though I wrote this page to describe it.)

Can't do everything. Can't do everything fully.

Don't worry.
Net Cotton Content continues. I'm not putting down this ball.