Team Training

Same People.
Better Collaboration.
More Ideas.

The demands of the world quickly outstrip our ability to innovate.

Maybe your team has become stale. More likely, they have become swamped by operations. There isn’t time for creativity and team development amid the daily rigors of project management, budgeting, and customer care.

The pressure of work erodes collaboration and ingenuity.

Reinvigorate the Team.

The Creativity and collaboration aren’t gone. They’re hiding. They ran away, scared of the hourly deadlines.

Any of these programs can be customized for your needs and wants — to restart creativity and collaboration in your team (and in yourself):

  • Re-introduction to Creativity and Collaboration. An engaging, interactive 90-minute presentation on the effective habits of highly creative, interdependent people. Let’s change lives at work — and beyond. 
  • Creativity & Collaboration. Designed for CEO and key executive peer groups, this three-hour workshop covers collaboration skills, brainstorm techniques, and meeting facilitation methods. Participants will generate ideas to address their individual and group challenges and opportunities. This workshop has been offered 35+ times to Vistage groups throughout North America, winning the Vistage International 2013 Innovation Award.
  • Creative Boost. A half- or full-day retreat, featuring improvisational theatre exercises and other training (or re-training) in listening, teamwork, and brainstorming.We can make time during this session to brainstorm a critical challenge of opportunity facing your team. Click for details on the Creative Boost.
  • Applied Collaborative Creativity. A semester of creativity training and development, including iterative brainstorming on critical questions that face their team or company. This ongoing process serves as research and development, creating a pipeline of innovation. 
  • The Language of Collaboration. This is an employee education session on the ethics of speech: the words that support our team (and any community) and the words that split us in half.

If you want to explore options, please contact me.