Executive Coaching

Become Your Best Self,
By Returning To Who You Are.

I coach executives.
I seek clients who face bias due to demographics, and those who are learning about their own bias in their leadership of others.

My coaching clients are in business and not-for-profit enterprises. They share three traits of transformation:

  • They need to grow.
  • They are wise enough to want to grow.
  • They are energetic enough to grow.
The Coaching Process

I engage clients in substantive, thoughtful inquiry about their challenges and opportunities. Clients intentionally seek to create powerful results by demonstrating courage and determination, taking action on their personal and professional goals.

If you become a client, I will attentively listen, seek to understand, believe in you, and commit myself to your success. You will expect me to challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, make requests (including assigning homework), acknowledge your achievements, and guarantee complete confidentiality (unless I fear for your or another’s safety).

My clients make progress quickly — because everyone makes progress when held accountable to their own commitments.

Here is a letter to you, describing my approach, which we can edit together. It especially needs you to fill in the blanks.

If you are interested and think you’re ready, please contact me. I’m here for you. I care.

Here’s what coaching clients say.

“Artie has been a fantastic coach and friend to me as I have grown as an entrepreneur and executive. He is a wealth of helpful strategies and resources and is generous with his time and positive energy. His style is equal parts academic and anecdotal, which makes conversations a delight.

Adiya Dixon Wiggins
SVP, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
Potbelly Corporation

“Sincere, compassionate, warm, wickedly smart, and wonderfully funny. You can trust that he will be clear, direct, honest and helpful. Wonderfully creative; open to discourse; takes his business seriously – but not himself (or life) too seriously.”

Amelia (Shaffer) Jeffers
Sophisticated Living Columbus
(former coaching client)

“Yes. Yes. Yes. If you want to experience yourself in ways that you only vaguely believed were possible, Artie is your guy. Artie has changed my life. He catalyzed the creativity, inspiration, hope, and movement that I needed to make one of the most challenging and necessary transitions of my life. Artie consistently poses more evocative and transformative questions to me than any others that have been posed. In a matter of minutes he can identify my circular thinking and experiencing, and call on my own inner resources to reorganize my consciousness. This ignites a creative process in me that all but guarantees that I will get my needs met, and in collaboration with others. I smile thinking about Artie and wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach, facilitator, speaker, and trainer.

Kumari Amy Weaver
social entrepreneur, systems theorist, gnostic intermediary, educator
(former coaching client)