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What’s a “Birdfeeder”?

A “Birdfeeder” is a public appearance by an expert resource for the benefit of Vistage members. (Private appearances are closed to anyone beyond a specific group’s members.)

The Birdhouse is the collective membership of the eight Vistage groups chaired by Artie Isaac. Birdfeeders were created for Birdhouse members to meet one another and to learn about topics of interest.

Birdfeeders are open to all local Vistage members and other leaders.

All attendees must register in advance with Monica Leck, so there are enough seats, materials, and hospitality. Contact Monica with your request at


Upcoming Birdfeeders

Srikumar Rao: Creativity and Personal Mastery Workshop

Thursday, February 22, 1pm – 4pm

When I started to teach creativity, Srikumar Rao was a primary influence and a generous colleague. Dr. Rao’s course at Columbia Business School was featured in The New York Times (March 7, 2004).

Not part of a monthly group meeting, this is a “Birdfeeder,” open to members and members’ guests.

RSVP to Monica by February 15;

EOS Integrators Roundtable

Monday, February 26, 10am – 11:30am

Artie Isaac and Certified EOS Implementer Connie Chwan will facilitate an informal gathering of those who are EOS integrators. Bring questions and hear best (and worst) practices. Not part of a monthly group meeting, this is a “Birdfeeder,” open to members and members’ guests.

RSVP to Monica by February 19;

Alex Freytag: Get a Grip on Your Business: Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You?

Friday, March 2, 1pm – 4pm

If you’d like to be in more control of your organization, you’re not alone. As thousands of entrepreneurs have discovered, the key to faster growth, bigger profits, more loyal customers and fewer frustrations is traction. Learn how to achieve those results yourself at this intense, value-packed workshop conducted by nationally recognized speaker Alex Freytag. Alex will help participants learn to implement a simple “way of operating” that helps leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. Leaders looking for a silver bullet or their next “flavor of the month” need not attend – this workshop offers only timeless concepts and practical tools that really work in entrepreneurial organizations. Not part of a monthly group meeting, this is a “Birdfeeder,” open to members and members’ guests.

RSVP to Monica by February 23;

Gustavo Grodnitzky: Culture Trumps Everything

Wednesday, March 7, 8:15a – 12:30p
Thursday, March 8, 8:15am – 12:30p (same presentation repeated)

Organizations are often burdened with mediocre or poorly performing employees – costing billions of dollars a year. This poor performance is often attributed to an employee’s individual qualities or attributes, such as personality, motivation and/or skillsets. However, within the field of psychology, we know that context is a better predictor and controller of behavior than individual attributes – and inside an organization, this “context” is what we also refer to as “corporate culture.” Culture trumps everything.”

Corporate culture is very much like a garden – left unattended, a garden will grow all kinds of weeds and plants that can actually choke out the fruits, flowers, and vegetables you want to grow. But, if you spend time on your garden (if you spend time on your culture) picking out the undesirable weeds (i.e. specific behaviors), it becomes a lot easier to grow the fruits, the flowers, and the vegetables you do want to grow. Culture is cultivated just like a garden.

RSVP to Monica by Feb 28;

Lacey Picazo: Candid Conversation: Building an Effective Brand Strategy

Tuesday, March 20, 8am – 9:30am

More than just a logo, a brand speaks volumes about the business behind it. As your most valuable asset, what does your brand say about you? In this interactive workshop, not only will you leave with an understanding of why brand strategy is essential for business success, but you will also walk away with a plan for your own brand strategy and direction for how to influence other’s perceptions of your business. 

RSVP to Monica by March 13;

Ellery Notte: How Diversity & Inclusion Can Work For You

Tuesday, April 3rd, 3 pm – 5 pm 

Organizations that have powerful diversity-supportive policies and inclusive workplace climates realize well-documented benefits:  improved financial results, increased levels of innovation, greater marketplace success, as well as higher morale, greater job commitment, improved workplace relationships and health outcomes, and increased job satisfaction and productivity.  Companies that do diversity well can achieve wide-ranging success, but many struggle to find the right balance.

What should a successful diversity & inclusion program look like?  How can you make diversity work best for you?

This program addresses the following:

  • Why companies pursue diversity & inclusion programs.
  • Why traditional diversity programs often fall below the mark.
  • What are the penalties for a work culture lacking in diversity?
  • What are the benefits of a successful diversity program?
  • How can diversity and inclusion be an integral, and valuable, part of your organization?

Not part of a monthly group meeting, this is a “Birdfeeder,” open to members and members’ guests.

RSVP to Monica by March 27;

Pam Beigh: Grow your business success with a new approach to sales

Monday, May 21, 1:30p – 3p

At SalesCORE, we want you to toss aside what you’ve learned about traditional selling and rethink sales.

  • Develop strong sales leadership
  • Achieve sustainable sales goals aligned for business results
  • Create the culture that will take your business to the next level.

Not part of a monthly group meeting, this is a “Birdfeeder,” open to members and members’ guests.

RSVP to Monica by May 15;

Questions & Answers

May I bring — or send — a guest? Yes. Please limit guests to your family, potential peer group candidates, and your key executive colleagues. If you are wondering about whether a guest is appropriate, ask Monica.

Do I need to pre-register? Yes. Please let Monica know if you are attending and the name(s) and contact information of any guests you are inviting.

What’s “Birdhouse”? Birdhouse is the combined membership of the peer groups chaired by Artie Isaac. Like birds of different feathers, flocking together. Please refer candidates to