Here are some quick and easy letters to Uh, Artie?, so we’ll dispense with them post-haste..

The Job Seeker

Uh, Artie?

How do I get a job with Young Isaac?

— "Bill"

Uh, "Bill"?

Send your statement of interest and resume to me and I will forward them to Todd Swickard, CEO of People To My Site and Young Isaac. He’s the decision maker on HR needs.

— Artie

The Humor Seeker

Uh, Artie?

I wanted to correct your typo.  It’s Duh, Artie. 



Uh, "Ted"?

Ha! No.

— Artie

The Seeker

Uh, Artie?

What do you think of the role of God in Hollywood? Many of my friends are hesitant to watch movies like The Exorcism of Emily Rose or Constantine because of the direct reference to (potentially realistic) demonic spirits. Is there a chance that, if the devil plays a role in Hollywood, God also plays a role as well? Could not these movies be interpreted as ways to combat these evil forces?

This may be too much for Uh, Artie? but I thought I’d at least ask.

— "Wondering"

Uh, "Wondering"?

What do I think of the role of God in Hollywood? It’s definitely a role I would like to play. (I loved Morgan Freeman and George Burns.)

More deeply, if the devil plays a role in Hollywood, then God certainly does, because — if my understanding of every religion and tradition is correct — one concept can’t exist without the other. You can’t have the devil (or, less theologically, an evil inclination) without God (or, less theologically, an inclination to do good).

I haven’t seen the movies in question, so I don’t know whether they work as well as garlic for fighting off the "devil." But any movie that makes us more inclined to do good is certainly a force of Good, or God, yes?

Your answer is going to come down to whether your friends and you
can agree (or at least tolerate differences) on the existence of devil
and God. I can’t help you there. I’m still sorting things out. If I do
figure it out, I will post it on Net Cotton Content.

For now, I’m not even sure I believe in the existence of Hollywood.

— Artie