Perhaps this is a “Re-Welcome.”
If you are a longtime reader of Net Cotton Content, welcome anew.

You are receiving this message because I relaunched my website (my entire online presence) on a new online platform during May 2017. The relaunch results in two fundamental changes, neither of which benefit you. Rejoice, reader for lo! — you now appreciate:

  • most links in previous posts are broken. I will stumble through a long-term editing process to re-establish the links. How long is long-term? If I revise 800 per day, it will take two days. If I revise 1 per 800 days, it will take two centuries. Plan accordingly. If you want a particular post updated, just tell me. (I welcome that motivation.)
  • my SEO and other thangs technological are improved.  This will be good for the world. Or at least for people Googling for “Vistage Columbus” and “Is Artie Isaac still alive?”

If you are a new visitor to Net Cotton Content, welcome. The rest of this is for you.

What’s here? 
Net Cotton Content presents my observations on creativity, ethics, and life.

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If you have only five minutes, click on any of the following readings. They are among my favorites:

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I do hope you enjoy Net Cotton Content. Please feel free to contact me anytime.