A former student writes:

Uh, Artie?

Long time no chat. I have a quick question for you since you got your MBA at Columbia. 

Did you like living in NYC? 

My current employer might transfer me there, if some internal interviews I am going through go in my favor. 

Any thoughts you have on anything about living there would be appreciated. 

Hope you're well.

— "Former Student"

Dear "FS,"

I am well indeed and glad to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out.

That's an easy question and one that warms my heart.

I loved, loved, loved living in NYC.
Being in a pedestrian-friendly, mass transit-rich city is great. Not having a car is a wonderful thing.

The food is cheap once you learn where to go (Chinese, Indian, pizza, vegetarian and so much more). Most importantly, the arts and culture can forever ignite your imagination and intellectual curiosity.

I spent eight years there — back when the town was truly dangerous, at the peak of the murder rate.

And I wouldn't trade those years for anything.

Why wouldn't someone go?
At my fifth or tenth high school reunion, an old classmate said, "What's it like in New York City?"

I asked whether he'd ever visited. He said no. 

I'm still stunned. Why wouldn't everyone visit the City? It's so close to Columbus. And it's not as expensive as feared. 

Good luck on those interviews.
If they do not land you in NYC, go anyway — at least for a long weekend.

Here's a list of favorite things to do when in the City.